Will Holdren

If you have lost faith in youth today, you must listen in to Will who is an 18-year-old faith-based high school senior. He has accomplished a whole bunch of stuff at a very young age. He is a 3 sport high school athlete, is popular and befriends everyone, plays drums in his church band, has written a book that is sold on Amazon, yes, Amazon. And if that is not enough, he is 100% grounded in his religion.  Will has not taken a puff of anything including vaping, his lips have not touched alcohol and he has never touched a drug. He has some internal battles like most teenagers, yet he still is wonderful!  Will is an aspiring entrepreneur and will be shipping off to college next year. If you need a little restore in kids, or you need some motivation with your raising your own kids, give a listen in to Will as he is pure and one cool cat!

Will is a Podcast Host, Author, Entrepreneur

Visit his site and follow along on LinkedIn

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