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The HR Dad

Greg Brenner

As the HR Dad, I love all things “people in the workplace,” which is why after years of working in operations and being a business owner, I wanted to become a Human Resources Executive. I also love my biggest and most fulfilling role, Dad.

I have merged two of my loves to become “The HR Dad.” Through humor and wisdom, I help others gain a completely new insight into the career adventure of their lives by helping them see how their work and their personal lives intersect to bring out their greatness in both realms.

I am the podcast host of EVERYDAY PEOPLE, a keynote speaker, a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach as well as a master’s trained executive coach, plus the author of the Smack Dab in the Middle of Life series.

We are all Smack Dab in the Middle of Life and this is where the magic happens.

- Greg Brenner

10 Things to Know about the HR Dad

  • I have two wonderful kids, a 18-year-old son and a 15-year-old daughter, and a loving wife
  • I'm the Assistant Vice President of Talent and Organizational Development at the University of Miami
  • I treasure the time I have to write about HR, leadership, and daily life
  • Thanks to my team, colleagues, network, and family, I always have plenty of material, and writer’s block is never a problem
  • Some say I am very funny, some say serious, but always authentic
  • I officiated American Football for 30 years
  • I officiated the 2009-10 National Championship Game in the Rose Bowl, 2013 Army Navy Game, 2015 American Conference Inaugural Championship Game and 8 other bowl games
  • I once owned a restaurant
  • After my parents passed away, I retired from officiating in the prime of my career and began my journey of writing
  • I love all things people in the workplace, especially seeing them grow and be successful

The Podcast

Everyday People

Extraordinary things happen all around us, all the time, with everyday people just like you and me. We are all Smack Dab in the Middle of Life and this is where the magic happens. Behind every individual, there is a great big story. My podcast is dedicated to telling your big story.

You won’t always find the “big” names here. However, you will find folks just like us, trying to get through life with all the achievements and struggles that come with living this life. Whether you are starting a family or raising kids, pursuing a career, starting or running a business, or just trying to figure it all out, this show is dedicated to you and your great stories.

Check out my internationally loved podcast. With years of experience as an HR executive and being a Dad, I see everyday greatness…. everyday. With the Everyday People podcast, it’s my joy and privilege to tell those stories of greatness. Will yours be one of them?

Episode 23

Mark Metry

Mark began to learn to manage this anxiety through nutrition, among other things, and eventually he unlocked his mind, heart and even his gut.

Episode details ‣
Episode 22

Tabitha Cavanagh

Women in their 30’s are not supposed to get stage 3 colon cancer. Tabitha took it and beat it through a bad ass mindset that was filled with connection and faith.

Episode details ‣
Episode 21

Mary Henderson

Mary has gone through many radical changes during her life. She has “had it all” and gave that all up to find her true self that was staring at her in the mirror.

Episode details ‣
Episode 20

Ruqya Khan

RK takes us on the journey of her story from leaving her country because of an impending war, to staying briefly in a refugee camp. From there she learned to fall in love with words and begin to write.

Episode details ‣


The "Smack Dab in the Middle of Life" series


Interviews & Features

Work. Life. Leader. – 3 Minutes Max with Greg Brenner, AVP, Talent & OD at The U. of Miami also know as “The HR Dad”

The Leadershift Show – Are “U” Merging Your Culture and Brand? with Greg Brenner

Power Lunch Live – Rhett Power Live Stream with Greg Brenner

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The HR Dad Engagements

As The HR Dad, I am available for – podcast, television and panel interviews. Limited availability for executive coaching, facilitation of executive team retreats and keynote speeches. Expect me to be authentic, egoless, and thought provoking. As the booking person, I will make you look like the hero you are!

Book the HR Dad

Speaker & Coach

Speaking Engagements

I will captivate your audience on television, your podcast or panel interviews with a genuine, fun, yet serious voice that inspires hope and positivity, around life, family, work, leadership and HR. I am the perfect for your internal conferences, annual company outings big or small and any of your speaking needs.

Executive Coaching

I am a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach and a master’s level trained executive coach. I hold the mirror to executives and help them process through their own leadership, results and relationships so that they become even more successful. Very limited engagements available.

Executive Team Retreats

Executive teams (especially HR execs) need time away from the grind. I facilitate executive team retreats while helping them understand their own dynamics, strategies, and results. A day away from the office invested in yourself can have a lasting impact to your entire organization for years to come. Very limited engagements available.


Praise for the HR Dad

"If you want to infuse your employees with hope, vision, and renewal for their next season of high performance, book Greg as a speaker for your upcoming internal conferences. Then sit back and watch the magic."
Martha Finney
Leadership Author
"He is incredibly passionate about what he does and it most definitely shows in his work and to all those who come in contact with him. Greg will always come highly recommended from me. He genuinely cares about the wellbeing of others, and is a true leader in my book."
Lacey Abbacchi
LinkedIn Coach
"Greg Brenner is the most creative, hard working, inspirational, team-oriented training and development leader I have ever worked with. He has exceptional coaching skills and has always been highly regarded and respected by the executive team."
Alexandra Jorgenson
Chief HR Officer
"Greg has such a passion, actually a calling, for helping people be their best self, that I am often in awe of him. His natural talent for leadership, talent development and systemic thinking paired with his unrelenting pursuit of new learning makes him a superior mentor, coach and thought leader."
Marcia Beckford
Executive Director


Get in Touch

Do you have a suggestion for a podcast guest who has a big story to tell and is an everyday person? (Sorry, no self-nominations please). If you have a topic, you’d like me to speak about on platforms like LinkedIn on family, work or HR or anything else on your mind. I’d love to hear from you!

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