Ruqya Khan

Life is not all about Diapers and Dishes, is the epiphany this Mother came to the conclusion with after always doing the right things. Is there more, is always a difficult question to answer when you are in the search for meaning. Ruqya or RK takes us on the journey of her story from leaving her country because of an impending war, to staying briefly in a refugee camp and settling in her new country with 27 people under one roof. From there RK learned to fall in love with words and begin to write. This episode will open up your perspectives on different cultures and teach us how your up bringing even with the best intentions shapes you in ways that might not align with who we are inside. Ruqya gives up a look inside of a person who has grown and really teaches that our words matter and that our kids our watching us.

Ruqya is the Founder & Strategist of S.M.I.L.E.

Visit her site and follow along on LinkedIn

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